About UAIA

Uganda   Association    for   Impact    Assessment (UAIA)  is an umbrella  Association that  brings together Environmental  Practitioners  involved in  Environmental Impact   Assessment  (EIA), and also individuals  and  Organizations with  an interest  in advancing or upholding environmental  management  issues   or  values   as  part   of sustainable development.

The practitioners and professionals of environmental impact assessment in Uganda, in recognition of the need to improve  sustainable environmental management through adequate and ethical commitment to professional understanding and  sharing   of  skills  and  experiences among themselves and members of the allied disciplines resolved to form the Association in 1998.


Our Mission

To advocate  for Environmentally Sustainable  Practices;   develop   and  share  public   opinions   on  EIA matters;  participate in International fora; and implement methods and standards  of knowledge and skills for persons seeking to become  members  of the Association.

Our Vision

To become  a major player and organization influencing matters  of Impact  assessment and  environment management in Uganda.

Our Objectives

  Advocate for the use and application of impact assessment as a planning and decision making too for environmentally sound  development.

Provide  and promote a forum for the development of informed  public opinion  on impact  assessment  matters  for  the  improvement    of the  environment  as a whole.

Assist  and advise  the  government,  local  authorities,  private   or  public  bodies   about  impact   assessment  matters  for the best interest  and benefit  of all.

Promote  training    in   impact   assessment    and improve assessment procedures and practices  for comprehensive   and integrated  impact  assessment.

Determine  and  uphold   standards  of the  knowledge  and  skills for person  seeking  to become  members of the association  with view of engaging them professionally in impact  assessment.

Our Core Values

The following are our core values;



Ethical  conduct. 

Quality  service delivery