Capacity Needs Assessment

A capacity needs assessment workshop was hosted by the Wildlife
Conservation Society (WCS) at the Hotel Africana, Kampala, on the 3rd
November 2010, targeting the UAIA Executive Committee and members
of the thematic Working Groups within the Association. Nineteen
members participated with two facilitators from WCS. The workshop was
funded by USAID.

The objective of the workshop was;

  • Taking the strategic plan as the starting point, seek to understand the
    organizations ability to meet its mission and strategic objectives by
    Current state of competencies and skills;
  • Required state in order to meet the objectives;
  • Critical gaps;
  •  Key priorities for addressing those gaps.
  • Resources required for addressing those gaps.

The desired outcome of the workshop

was the fulfillment of strategic action E: Drafting of a multiyear plan for capacity building for members (and others).

For more information about Capacity Needs Assessment, you can read the document below;